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lucreace's Journal

2 October
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well. I aim to use this mainly as a weight-loss journal more than anything but hey. I live in Hull with my 3 cats, Poppy, who we rescued from a shelter, Violet, who is just plain crazy and Oscar, who adopted us and other half Dave. We grow our own veg out the back in an old bath that was in the back yard when we move in.

I go to Hull Uni and am studying English Lit, focusing on Pre 1800's literature. Shakespeare was a lot lewder than you think! I hope to gain a PhD in English and go on to lecture but judging the climate at the moment funding might be hard to obtain and if this fails, I will teach. Never hurt to have a back up plan and its something I can see myself doing when I am done studying

I am hopeless at spelling so please forgive me, feel free to add me, I am an open friendly person who likes meeting new people