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Right, where to being.

am at 169 which after the massive uberness that was xmas is not a bad thing really. Have been eating sensibly and a lot healthier afterwards and I can feel the changes of improved diet already.

We ahve been having issues with our housemate JOsh. He hasnt got his mone from teh Student Loans company and the sole reason for him being here is because of the trouble we have had with paying the rent. He owes us £1600 as of Jan 18th and he hasnt really bothered to get off his butt and deal with it. He sleeps in until 3-4 pm and by then it is too late for anyone to do anything. Couple that with the fact that we have been served an eviction notice if we dont pay the arrears by Jan 18th. Not a problem as thats when i get my loan and it looks as though I am going to have to pay it all off, leaving me with £200 for the next three months. Cant say as I am overly impressed with him right now. Numerous attempts to wake him have gone unheeded as well. I am nto this guys mother tbh and I am getting sick of him being in this house not doing anything about the problems we are facing. I also have 3 essays to write for uni and am finding concentrating on them rather hard because of the worry of maybe not having a house this time next month. yes, I am FUCKED OFF!

Xmas was good, new year was lame. had a stinky cold for it and couldn't handle the sheer amount of nerdism that was going on in the house. Just too much for me.

Jan will be OK once this crap is sorted out. I hope.


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