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well, its been a while again...

Been so busy with uni wokr that i havent had time to think about or do anythign else really. I am sick at the moment with a sore throat and glandular infection, on anti-b's for it as well so I hope it clears up soon.

Our new house mate seems to have settled in well and it is nice having someone here to chatter to. we all get on well at least!

Not lost any more weight but not gained either which is a bonus, although hovering around 175 is less than ideal, I am back to haaving low cal soup during the day and loads of water and then a meal at night as I can't not eat. Too many people will moan at me. Still keeping the gym up but as I am sick haven't been in a while :S

No matter, least I am alive and got all my Xmas shopping finished!!


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